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Do You Want To Meet Your Grandma? (Signed Hardback)Do You Want To Meet Your Grandma? (Signed Hardback)
  • Do You Want To Meet Your Grandma?

    Do You Want To Meet Your Grandma? is the first collaboratoin between Australian author SV Middleby and Oceanic artist Aunty Fonu.

    It is a humorous, insightful and interactive book for young children about our shared universal ancestors.

    Through delightful rhymes and enchanting watercolour illustrations, it explores not just who these ancestors were and how we are still like them, but what our ancestor grandmothers might have to teach us about living full, happy and meaningful lives.

    Complete with moments of suspense and hilarious reactions, this is not just a story of human evolution, but that of the whole universe. Young readers will love its humour and playfulness and adults will appreciate its original take on evolution, wonder and life.

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  • Wild Things

    "Wild Things" is a line of products that speak to our commitment to work with the land as we find it today, including understanding plants that are often overlooked or labeled as 'weeds.' Our initiative along a small patch of the Murrumbidgee River is not just about foraging and crafting; it's a conscious effort to engage with these resilient but often invasive species, understanding their role they are playing in our damageg ecosystems and managing their abundance in ways that allow for their use, but also to pave the way for native plant communities to regenerate.

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  • Learn more about KavaLava

    Kavalava is the result of a collaboration between Ratu Cagilaba (TuCagi) and Torika, sister and brother who grew up in the village of Nakasaleka where their father Ratu Apakuki Naborisi was the Matanivanua/Bati Leka to the Tui Nakasaleka.

    Their childhood was spent foraging in the ocean for shellfish, clams & sea urchins, playing in the lush rainforest and taking long walks to the family plantation with their father. These walks served as lessons on everything from the village boundaries and local birds to how to live meaningful and generous lives.

    In 2018 they decided to invest back in their community by planting a large kava farm and supporting others to do the same. Since this time, they have seen more and more young people returning to Nakasaleka, houses being renovated and lived in again and more farming.

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  • Learn More about Kava

    Kava (piper methysticum) is a shrub that grows across the Pacific region. It is a member of the pepper family which also includes black pepper.

    Kava plays a central role in the social and ceremonial lives of many Pacific islanders and has done so for hundreds of years.

    Kava preparation traditionally includes grinding, grating or
    pounding the roots of the plant and then infusing with water.

    Kava drinkers appreciate the pleasant, warm, cheerful and relaxed feeling it provides. It is
    non-alcoholic, non-opioid, and non-hallucinogenic.

    There has been considerable interest in recent years around kava’s medicinal properties. The active components in kava are called kavalactones and they have been shown to reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep, and reduce muscle tightness.

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