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Coconuts & Kurrajongs

Kavalava Starter Pack

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Curious about Kava or know someone who is? Come with us on the kava journey with our exclusive Kavalava Starter Pack, the perfect introduction to the world of kava drinking. Crafted with authenticity and care, each item in this kit connects you to the rich traditions that have been practiced across the Pacific Islands for thousands of years.

Discover the pleasure of kava with our 100g bag of premium-grade waka, sourced directly from Kadavu, Fiji, known for its exceptional quality. The included strainer bag, handpicked from the bustling Suva market, ensures your kava is perfectly smooth. Enjoy with our handcrafted bilo, a coconut cup and for a lovely contrast, enjoy the sweet tanginess of our small kanamoce of dried pineapple, the perfect complement to the earthy depth of our kava.

Begin your exploration of peace and connection with the Kavalava Starter Pack, exclusively from Coconuts and Kurrajongs. More than just a drink, our starter pack is an invitation to immerse yourself in a peace and connection.

Each pack contains:

1 x 100g Kavalava 

1 x Strainer Bag

1 x Bilo

1 x Chaser (Small Kanamoce Dried Pineapple)

1 x info and instructions

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