The Kava Story…..well at least a small part of it!

Kava (piper methysticum) is a shrub that grows across the Pacific region. Noble kava has been cultivated by Pacific people of hundreds of years to possess higher levels of the beneficial kavalactones, the chemical compounds naturally found in kava plants responsible for most of the desirable effects of kava and only trace amounts (low enough to avoid toxicity) of flavokavains, which are harmful to liver and bladder health. Clever eh?!

It is non-alcoholic, non-opioid, and non-hallucinogenic.

Kava plays a central role in the social and ceremonial lives of many Pacific islanders and has done so for hundreds of years. Kava preparation traditionally includes grinding, grating or pounding the roots of the plant and then infusing with water. Kava drinkers appreciate the pleasant, warm, cheerful and relaxed feeling it provides. 

Learn how to prepare Kava here.

While the indigenous science of Pacific people has known this for many hundreds of years, there has been considerable interest in recent years around kava’s medicinal properties. Research is confirming that Kava possesses calming and anxiety-reducing effects, and may provide other health benefits.
✅ Research has shown that kava can be effective in reducing stress and anxiety
✅ Early research indicates that kava may be effective in reducing symptoms of depression.
✅ Kava has been shown to improve sleep quality and reduce stress-related sleep disruptions.
✅ Research has shown the kava can improve and stabilize mood.
✅ Research has shown that kava may be an effective nootropic, as it has been found to possess some cognitive-enhancing traits.
For references please click here.
In October 2019, the Australian Government announced that it would launch a kava pilot to increase cultural and economic ties between Australia and Pacific island nations. This was a significant policy shift that now makes it possible for Australian kava lovers to not only access the best kava the region has to offer, but to also support agriculture, trade, and sustainable incomes for people in the Pacific. With an estimated 1 in 8 rural Fijian households involved in cultivating kava according to a recent Pacific Horticultural & Agricultural Market Access Program (PHAMA) report, you can see the potential for wins on all sides. Fiji kava exports were worth A$43 million in 2020 and the global kava market is expected to exceed A$309 billion by 2026.

These are exciting days for kava growers in the Pacific and for kava drinkers in Australia. We’re proud to be part of it as a way of building stronger and enduring connections between Australia and the Pacific.

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