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Coconuts & Kurrajongs

Boipren na gelpren tupela karim lek istap

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Boipren na gelpren tupela karim lek istap (2007)

John Bom

Acrylic on Canvas 70 x 95

John is talented Simbu province artist who derives from the Kerowagi region. He was born around 1966/67 and moved from his village to Port Moresby in 1989. His sister Elizabeth was already living in Port Moresby with her family, so John was able to move in with them. John's brother-in-law is none other than the revered PNG artist Mathias Kauage. It is abundantly clear where John garnered his inspiration from. Living under the same roof as the great artist, John was able to witness first hand the techniques and passion that went into a Kauage artwork. Some similarities are bound to occur in John's work, however he has formed his own style and although, as with Kauage's work, it is bold and colourful, it also has his own stamp of individuality. John's subject matter favours the native animals of Papua New Guinea including geckos and birds of paradise. He is also fascinated by the relationships between man and woman and focus's on these complex issues. John is married with 3 young children.

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