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PMVs in Moresby

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PMV's in Moresby 2006

Andi Nombri

Acrylic on Canvas 130 x 80

PMV's in Moresby was painted by Andy Nombri in 2006 to depict life in Papua New Guineas Capital City Port Moresby. Andy was born in 1975 and is from Kundiawa in the Chimbu Province. In 1994 he moved to Port Moresby and first became interested in art in 1997 when he started experimenting and drawing "stick men" in ink on paper. Andy worked for the U.S. Embassy as a dispatch clerk for a period of ten years and it was there that he was encouraged to pursue his artistic career. Several Embassy staff saw Andy's work and admired his ability and gave him the confidence to continue painting. Andy's work is distinguishable by his use of sharp angles and extensive use of black and white. He now works mainly on canvas in oils and acrylic. He draws inspiration from his rich cultural heritage and complex rituals that make PNG unique. Andy strongly believes that the people from Chimbu possess a special gift. He speaks with passion and certainty that the Chimbu Province produces exceptionally gifted artists who also possess an innocence which is conveyed into the artwork. He tells a story of a group of foreigners visiting the Chimbu Province; a group of locals have drawn pictures and upon their completion throw them away, not giving them a second thought. The visiting foreigners retrieve them from the rubbish and are amazed and impressed by the level of skill and artistry that has been produced and then so nonchalantly discarded, exclaiming that there was "something special" in their work. Andy is proud of his heritage and this is portrayed through his work. Andy currently lives in Port Moresby with his wife and daughters young daughters, whilst Andy is now a full time artist.

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